Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine plays a vital role in maintaining good health. You are required to include foods which are high in Iodine content in order to provide the required minerals to your body. In order to include the iodine rich foods in your daily diet, you are required to prepare a chart that provides you the information regarding the iodine content. This will help you plan your daily course of meal accordingly by balancing all the minerals and vitamins.

The highest iodine content is in water and soil. Plants become enriched with iodine depending on the iodine content in the soil. Sea foods such as fish, crabs and prawns are rich in iodine as water has good amount of saline quantity. Minerals are major components produced in the body by thyroid hormones. These hormones track down the requirement of energy consumption to the body and provide a perfect metabolic process. As these thyroid glands do not have the provision to store all the iodine that is generated, you are required to consume small amounts on daily basis in order to provide the body the required minerals and keep in a good metabolism rate. Read review of Optimox Iodoral 180 tabs and try it for a few days if you have iodine deficiency.

Here is the list of iodine rich foods items:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Condensed milk
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Fish oils
  • Malt bread
  • Sea salt
  • Trifle
  • Naan bread

There are many benefits that are associated with Iodine. The main factor being is the fuel to production of hormones. With increased quantity of iodine content in the body, thyroid glands provide the increased production of hormones which are necessary to keep a good metabolism rate. With increased metabolism rate, it keeps an overall check on your heart beat, blood pressure and required body temperature including protein synthesis. With decreased iodine content in body, you will feel weak and lethargic as there is no production of hormones that support metabolism rate thereby increasing the proteins in the body. With required quantities of iodine content in body, there is no chance of storing excessive fat as it makes sure that all the calories are utilized properly there by leaving no additional calories in the body which at later stages turn into fat which gets stored in belly, thighs and arms region.

Mothers are advised to provide iodine rich content to their babies in order to provide proper growth of reproductive organs. The right amount of iodine content is essential for proper growth of body and all other organs present. It also restrains hair fall and allows growth of the same. One of the major activity carried out by iodine content in body is the removal of malignant cells such as cancer causing cells and disease oriented cells from the body in order to pave path for production of new cells in order to maintain the growth and energy levels. Now, that you have understood the importance of iodine content, do prepare the diet such that you provide the required quantity of iodine to your body.

Iodine Supplements

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